Wireless Welding Machine Remotes

Cut the cord with Tru-Remote.

Convenient access to all the controls of your welding machine without forcing you to be within arms reach of it.

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digital display wireless welding machine remote

The first wireless welding remote available on Lincoln welding machines, Miller welding machines and RED D-ARC Machines. This hand held wireless device remotely controls your welding machine from up to 500 feet away.

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Why Tru-Remote?

Custom Built

A digital display for Amperage, Battery life and Start and Run display. Six easy buttons include Stop, Start and Amperage Up and Down, Glow Plug (TR6) and Output Contact Off/On or High/Low IDLE compatibility.

Save Money on Gas

On average our customers have found savings upwards of $10.00 per day. Tru-Remote could save you enough money to replace your welding machine every 4 years!

Built to Last

This product is not only reliable and convenient but it will make every job site a safer place to be.

Eliminate Cables

A wireless working range of 500 feet with 100% accuracy, increasing productivity allowing temperature change for flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead welds without leaving work platform.

Save Money on Maintenance

Tru-Remote ships with all parts needed for installation including transmitter, receiver, plugs and feature a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

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Our Customers Love Tru-Remote

"I can not say enough good things about this product or the incredible service. Tru Remote is an integral part of my rig and a tool all welders can benefit from!"

– Joshua M.

"Truly a quantum leap in remote controls. Not only have I realized significant and measurable savings in fuel and time between servicing... but the increased efficiency, accuracy and convenience of getting the job done has been substantial. I recommend a Tru Remote to anyone that demands the best quality and value in themselves and their tools!"

– Shane S.

"This is by far the best purchase I have made for my welding business. Less trips to the gas station and less oil changes is a bonus. The customer service from this company is excellent and I would recommend this product to any welder.

– Cory S.

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Let Us Answer Some Common Questions

YES, Tru-Remote is compatible with any welding machine since 1945.

Yes, please call customer service. Be sure to have your Tru-Remote SERIAL & CHANNEL NUMBER or CUSTOMER NUMBER when you call 1(604)868-4640.

Yes, you will require new interface harness & portable programmer. Call 1(604) 868- 4640 for pricing.

7 DAYS A WEEK: 8 AM to 9PM

The fastest and easiest way is to call us at 1(604)868-4640

Yes, you can order one online for $ 390.00 plus shipping. Click here to shop.

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