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Replacement Parts

All Remote Specific Parts – Call 1-(604) 868- 4640
Please have your Tru-Remote Serial or Customer number available at the time of call.

Why Tru-Remote?

Custom Built

A digital display for Amperage, Battery life and Start and Run display. Six easy buttons include Stop, Start and Amperage Up and Down, Glow Plug (TR6) and Output Contact Off/On or High/Low IDLE compatibility.

Save Money on Gas

On average our customers have found savings upwards of $10.00 per day. Tru-Remote could save you enough money to replace your welding machine every 4 years!

Built to Last

This product is not only reliable and convenient but it will make every job site a safer place to be.

Eliminate Cables

A wireless working range of 500 feet with 100% accuracy, increasing productivity allowing temperature change for flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead welds without leaving work platform.

Save Money on Maintenance

Tru-Remote ships with all parts needed for installation including transmitter, receiver, plugs and feature a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

Our Customers Love Tru-Remote

"State of the art remote. 100% accurate doesn’t matter what you doing from running beads by yourself which eliminates arguing with a helper all day to hanging in the back on the fire line. Jed is the nicest guy when installing this. Luckily he has a lot of patience. Thanks again Jed for everything."

– J. Sikora

"I love your product, as a pipeliner i was always dragging my remote cable behind a truck or cat… spent thousands replacing cable… problem solved! I like the accuracy of the Tru-Remote."

– W. Foster

"Superior product great for welding pipework in confined spaces. I dropped the remote in wet muddy water without realizing, it must have been there for at least twenty minutes, when I finally fished it out worked without fault. Wish I had brought one sooner and could not be without it now."

– LWT Welding

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